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February 11, 2016 / The Ghost

House of Cards

I farted and the house of cards just collapsed by the wind. Sorry.



Actually I’m not sorry 🙂 But I did fart :/


The 4th season of “House of Cards” is upon us. Sadly the house still hasn’t collapsed. Even in the first season it was obvious that this show was never going to stand the wheel of time with a plot which was torn from the pot. With poor acting and unoriginal script writing this show was made to go down fast.


My predictions for the next season:

Claire will divorce Frank and marry Freddy the one and only burger king in stead. Good choice Claire! Who wouldn’t want a burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day?!

Frankieboy will win the elections. Not because he’s that good, but because he threw all other candidates under a metro. Epic television. Before doing this he will probably bang Heather Dunbar.

Doug will get Frank to join the AA after they both get serious alcoholic problems. Doug will eventually die. Just like people can’t survive without having fries at least 3 times a week, Doug will have been sober for too long and pass away.

Al Qaeda will recruit Meechum. Meechum on his turn will recruit Frank. Frank will make the USA a muslim state and nuke Europe.


If none of the above happens, this serie is doomed.


House of Cards on IMDB: 54/10*. The number of cards in one stack.

*This score is not representative for the quality of this series. Ad a minus before the 54 to get the correct number.


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