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June 1, 2016 / The Ghost

La piel que habito

Anyone saw Frankenstein? It’s 100% the same movie in color.



I bet you didn’t even noticed the above trailer was from Frankenstein. “Le piel que habito” (freely translated: “The skin who lives”), tells the story of a monster created by a horrible doctor. They changed the name to dr. Ledgard, but clever people know this is an enigma. I’ll walk you through it:


The Frankenstein-part:

  1. Franken have become Euros since 2001. This makes “Eurosstein”
  2. The SS no longer exist, so that makes “Eurotein”
  3. “Tein” means “Ten” in Hindi. We now have “Euroten”
  4. Ten euro. 10 is “hamar” in Basque. “Euro” stays the same: Eurohamar
  5. Rohamar is a popular Indian name. The EU doesn’t exist in India. Scratch that: Rohamar
  6. The Hamar are an Omotic community in Ethiopia. “Romotic”
  7. “Romotic” is only one letter away from “Robotic”


The Ledgard-part:

  1. From the other side, “Ledgard” has “Gard” in it: a French department with Nîmes as its capital. Lednimes
  2. Nimes was a great city in the Roman empire. This makes Ledroman of course
  3. A “roman” is also a type of book. We now have Ledbook
  4. A LED is a piece of electronic used in robotica. We now have roboticabook.
  5. No one reads “a book” anymore. This makes “Robotic”

Et voilà: Frankenstein = Ledgard. Something like this can’t pass my trained eye.


Also not coïncidental:

  • All vowels – except the “i” – are in both names: E and A
  • The “r” is represented in both names
  • Ledgard has 7 letters, Frankenstein 12. 12 and 7 make 19. Which is very close to the perfect score in Blackjack.
  • “f” is the sixth letter in the alphabet, “l” is the 14th. Coincidence? I think not.


Superb Antonio Banderas

Whenever I go see an Antonio Banderas movie, I make sure my trousers are a little bit loose. This man has sexappeal like no other. Jamesie, if you read this (I’m sure you will), please add Antonio to your crew for Avatar 2 and make him have sex with his ponytail.



La piel que habito on IMDB: 10/10. For Antonio.


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