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September 1, 2016 / The Ghost

Delivery Man

Already looking forward to the sequel and especially to the prequel!



David finds out he’s the father of 533 children through anonymous donations 20 years ago. He must decide what to do when 142 children file a lawsuit against him to reveal his identity. I won’t tell you what happens, as this movie is just too brilliant to reveal the plot. He makes up with all of his children and gets another one with his girlfriend Emma because he wants to get a lot of baby shower presents. Oops. Spoiler alert.


I would love to see a prequel AND a sequel. In the prequel they could show us how David went to the clinic to donate his sperm. Marvelous film that would be. Also, please show ho he and Emma make their last baby.
The sequel could tell us the story of all the children making babies of their own. This would give us at least 533 good moments of filmography.


Vince Vaughn‘s acting is superb in this movie! Actually in all of his movies. He is such an underestimated actor in Hollywood. Give him an Oscar for this achievement. Or you know, don’t, see if I care.


Delivery Man on IMDB: 533/10.


PS: I’m a bit confused about Emma. Dit Robin change her name so she could get away from Barney and Ted? This is no critique. I completely understand.
Also, Robin didn’t want any children. It would make sense that if she got pregnant, it was by surprise rather than choice.



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  1. Yuhan Han Tan / Sep 1 2016 13:34

    Seriously dude?

    • The Ghost / Dec 27 2016 13:13

      Another Hollywood-fanatic who doesn’t understand what filmography is all about. It’s sad. Young minds lost to nonsense… Pffrt.

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