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March 20, 2017 / The Ghost

The Drop

This review may contain spoilers: Not a single drop was given.



I looked forward to the Hollywood debut of Michael R. Roskam, nicknamed Michelleke. Ever since the Bullhead-nutscene I absolutely adore him. He’s the most brilliant director out there.

But where were the nuts in this movie? On the f*cking bar with salt on them!


Three years of my life I waited for this sequel to Bullhead. THREE YEARS. Why couldn’t Michelleke put some real nut-cracking in this movie? There were chances enough:

  • Show how Cousin Marv lost his balls
  • Chovka could castrate Bob for losing a lot of money
  • The dog could have had a “nut-injury” in stead of a head injury
  • Bob could castrate Eric Deeds and not kill him (but I can understand that Matthias Schoenaerts had had enough nut-cracking)
  • Nadia could bite into Bob’s balls whilst arguing


However… The movie could have been much shorter. The drop was made after only 20 minutes, when the dog dropped his shit on Bob’s carpet. That’s the moment I realized Michelleke did it again. He blows my mind with his fantastic “read between the lines” stories. Brilliant.


The Drop on IMDB. 10/10. It was a very nice shit. I mean drop.


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