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June 12, 2017 / The Ghost


It’s been 20 years since the great James Cameron released Titanic. A milestone movie which stood the tand of time. But there has never been made a prequel or sequel. So, mr. Cameron, please read my ideas carefully:

Titanic: The Revenge of Jack

Scientists dive up the body of Jack. As it is so well conservated by the cold water he is like a modern Ötzi. The scientists are able to bring Jack to live again. Unfortunately the scientists are European. Jack’s frozen body is brought back to London.
Upon his revival he wants to build the most unsinkable ship ever: Tititanic. With this mightiest boat ever build he wants to go visit his girlfriend Rose in the USA. Will Jack be able to cross the Atlantic Ocean this time, or will the icebergs get him once again?

The Curse of the black Titanic

When Jack’s body is finally diven up, doctors find out he never died. A deep sleep took him over. All those years he has been aged and he grew a beard. Now he looks like this and he wants to conquer the oceans as a pirate to conquest Rose’s heart. Who can stop crazy Jack?


We’ll introduce the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who decides to dive to the ship and becomes one with it. The ship magically reassambles itself and gets above the sea level again. All ice bergs melt spontaniously. Titanicator picks up passengers from all over the world. Once they are trapped on board it kills them with an ice dispenser. After a couple of days on the Ocean Jack’s body finally unfreezes. Can he stop the evil Titanicator?


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